XCMG 30 Ton Truck Crane QY30K5

XCMG 30 Ton Truck Crane QY30K5

It has four sections of dodecagonal booms of large circu-lar sections with boom length of 10.7m-34m, and strong lifting performance which keeps ahead of the same tonnage products in the same industry.

Product Details

QY30KY truck crane

Product advantage

Highlight I: lifting performance and driving performance leading comprehensively

It has four sections of dodecagonal booms of large circu-lar sections with boom length of 10.7m-34m, and strong lifting performance which keeps ahead of the same tonnage products in the same industry. It uses four-axle special purpose vehicle chassis and Shanchi eight-speed transmission with synchronizer. It has good driving performance with maximum gradeability reaching 40%.

Highlight II: load-sensitive filtering technique and smoother upper structure control

Application of load-sensitive filtering technique can prevent the system from being affected by of the load pressure changes and oil pump volume changes, make the manipulation smoother, and meanwhile reduce the energy consumption and heating of the hydraulic system, extending service life of the hydraulic system.

Highlight Ill: Dual-pump-converging technologv increasing the luffing as well as extending and retracting operation efficiencv bv 30%

In addition to winching, the new type converging main valve can also realize converging of the extend­ing-retracting-extending and luffing actions, which improves the working efficiency of the product greatly.

Highlight IV: Adopting two-section telescopic web iib, having wider operation area and being more convenient to use

The two-section box-type web jib is 14m long with industry-leading lifting height and lifting perfor­mance. Extending and retracting of the jib adopts unmanned auxiliary installation method and the spreading mode adopts secondary hook coordina­tion auxiliary method, which improves the reliabili­ty and convenience of jib use.

Highlight V: Adaptive design and multiple configuration choices satistving requirements of the users in Southeast Asia better

The operation manner and dual-configuration choice of the engine satisfying the users' diverse needs

here are two operation manners, pilot type and mechanical type. The pilot model is configured with both Commins and Shangchai engines while the mechanical model is configured with Shangchai engine only.

Full-head right-hand driving cab, operating house with big circular-arc curved surface, comfortable cabin space and open manipulation view.

Our History

Company History

In January, 2015, Kaiwei was founded in jining city

In November 2015, Kaiwei became the authorized dealer of XCMG, starting exporting construction machinery and spare parts to Philippine

In 2016, Kaiwei became the authorized dealer of SANY

In 2017, exported machines exceed 100 units, total sales revenue exceeds 2 millions dollars

In 2018, Kaiwei became the authorized dealer of SANY TRUCKS, establishing the largest SANY TRUCKS regional parts center in China.

In 2019, Kaiwei become the one of the largest construction machinery  exporter in China


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Our Services

* 1 year warranty. (Engine enjoys 3 years International warranty service.)

* 24h hours technical support.

* Calling or Door to door service.

* Supply High Quality product for You At Reasonable Price.

* Accept Your Customization.

Main technical parameters in travel state
Dimensional parameterOverall lengthmm12855
Overall widthmm2490
Overall heightmm3725
AlexbaseAxle base between axle 1&axle 2mm1470
Axle base between axle 2&axle 3mm3755
Axle base between axle 3&axle 4mm1350
Max.authorized total masskg29970
Curb weightkg29840
Axle loadAxle 1kg5735
Axle 2kg5735
Axle 3kg9250
Axle 4kg9250
Driving performance parametersTravelling speedMax. travelling speedkm/h80
Min.stable travelling speed
Min. turning diameterm22
Min.ground clearancemm275
Approach angle°17
Departure angle°15
Breaking distance (original breaking speed is 30km/h)m≤10
Max gradeablity%40
External acceleation running noiseDb(A)88
Diver head noiseDb(A)90
Fuel consumption per hundred kilometersL≤37
Chassis structure parametersEngineModel/SC8DK280Q3 or ISLe29030
Rated power/revolutionkw/(r/min)206/2200,213/2100
Max. net torque/revolutionN.m/(r/min)1104/1400 1019/1200
Emission standard/National grade III
Driver &steering type/8X4 AND 8X4