Grove 50 Ton Mobile Truck Crane Load Chart

Grove 50 Ton Mobile Truck Crane Load Chart

Enhanced performance and quality assurance with five technology highlights. Enhanced performance, better quality, ease of use, easy maintance, with great energy efficiency and environmental protection.

Product Details

Enhanced performance and quality assurance with five technology highlights.

Enhanced performance, better quality, ease of use, easy maintance, with great energy efficiency and environmental protection.

Highlight I: Enhanced Performance

The optimized machine layout reduces stress on major bearing components, resulting in a lifting performance that surpasses other similar products in the industry.

A telescopic mechanism is used to smoothly integrate the boom head to an embedded block, making the telescopic boom much more stable and reliable.

The boom length surpasses other options with the same tonnage, increasing the amount of work covered by up to 6%.

Employing new box legs, the design is optimized to withstand stress, cover larger distances, and offers greater rigidity and stability.

Operation efficiency is improved by 6%.

Highlight II: Better Quality

The classic K-series telescopic boom technology is used to ensure safe and reliable operations.

The lifting operation is made more reliable with the industry's more complete safety device system.

A comprehensive upgraded braking system, dual-loop pneumatic design, and improvements across all systems ensures operational safety while the vehicle is in use.

The new power steering mechanism and hydraulic design guarantees the safety of the vehicle at all times, making it more lightweight, agile, and precise.

The highly rigid turret and vehicle frame provides a balance between strength and rigidity.

The integration of design and structural elements have automated the welding process and enhanced reliability.

Highlight III: Ease of Use

The energy efficient load-sensing hydraulic system offers ergonomic and intuitive controls and delivers high precision with good micro-motion resistance.

Operation has been made simpler with an optimized rod control mechanism.

The cab uses a large arc-shaped windscreen which enables wider vision for better control.

The multi-stage centrifugal rotary gear ensures that operation of the rotary system is stable and reliable, with greater operational efficiency.

Highlight IV: Easy Maintenance

The layout and design of the pipelines have been optimized based on scientific research, greatly reducing its dismantling time and maintenance costs.

The electrical system has been comprehensively upgraded and now includes leak-proof electrical connectors, significantly extending the service life of components.

Use of the K-series technology prevents rope disruptions and enhances efficiency, reduces labour intensity and extends the service life of the rope. The retractable steel wire rope and its protective devices prevents it from dropping and breaking.

Full aluminium-covered platforms are provided for car repairs, effectively protecting vehicle components.

Highlight V: Energy Efficiency and Environmental Protection

It uses dual control engines that are powerful and economically friendly.

In its economical mode, it can meet the engine power demanded for a typical lifting operation, while its high power mode satisfies the requirements needed for highly challenging and efficient operations.

The powerful cooling device eliminates the problem of overheated oil, and extends the service time of hydraulic oil.

Scientifically-supported advanced machine matching technology reduces losses and extends the machine's service life and equipment salvage rate.


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Q. As the shipping period will take long time, how can you make sure the machine won't be broken?

A: Our machine is film wrapped, to make sure the machine can be delivered to our customer smoothly, we will use the steel wire to fix the machine with the container.

Q. May i know which payment will be accepted by your company?

A: So far 100%T/T before shipment, and 30% deposit paid by T/T, balance paid by L/C are available.

Q. How does your factory do regarding quality control?

A: Quality is priority. All staffs always attach great importance to quality controlling from the very beginning to the very end. Our factory has gained ISO 9001 and SGS authentication.

Q. What is the machine advantage? Why I choose from you?

A: Adopting famous brand engine and parts, ensure long life service, all the structure parts are produced and checked by our engineers.

Each machine is carefully tested before send to customer.

Technical specifications

DimensionsTotal length1327013890131001305013770mm
Total width27502800275028002800mm
Total height33003440335035703570mm
WeightTotal weight in a traveling state3987042000385804040041000kg
Front axle load1393518000129501450015000kg
Rear axle load2593526000256302590026000kg
PowerEngine modelEuroIII Hangfa WD615.334/EuroII Hangfa WD615.46WD615.334/SC9DF340Q3EuroIII Hangfa WD615.334/EuroII Hangfa WD615.46WD615.334/SC9DF340Q3WD615.334/SC9DF340Q3/WP10.336
Rated engine power206/2200 266/2200247/2200 251/2200206/2200 266/2200247/2200 251/2200247/2200 251/2200 247/2200kw/(r/min)
Engine rated torque1160/1300-1600 1460/14001350/1400 1430/14001100/1400 1460/14001350/1400 1430/14001350/1400 1430/1400 1350/1100-1500N.m/(r/min)
TravelMax. travel speed66 758066 757580km/h
Min. truning diameter24 242424 242424mm
Min. ground clearance275 275327285 285285327mm
Approach angle16 161816 161616/17°
Departure angle10 101111 111111°
Max.gradeability37 453527 464040%
Fuel consumption of 100km48 484042 424242L
Lifting performanceMax. lifting capacity5050505050t
Min. rated working radius33333m
Turning radius at swing table tail3.83.713.4823.4823.482m
Max. lifting torque
Basic boom lifting height11.2711.56176410.711.3m
Fully-extended boom lifting height40.3142.58823.24142.7m
Fully-extended boom +luffing jib55.855.8
Outrigger longitudinal distance span5.455.935.655.655.91m
Outrigger lateral distance span6.
Working speedBoom elevating time12088888888s
Boom full elevating time184180180180180s
Max.slewing speed222≥2.0≥2.0r/min
Main winch max.speed(single line)70.811085≥110≥110m/min
Auxiliary which max.speed(single line)70.811085≥110≥110m/min