XCMG 14 Ton Single Drum Mechanical Roller XS143J

XCMG 14 Ton Single Drum Mechanical Roller XS143J

One of the most popular single drum roller of XCMG

Product Details

XS143J vibratory compactor is a kind of heavy duty self-propelled vibratory compactor. It can effectively compact various soil layers and rock fill, and can be applied to the constructions of modern freeways, airports, embankment fill, ports, dams, railways, mines, etc.



1.Performance feature

2.Simple operation

3.Reliable and durable hydraulic system

4.Energy-saving and environmental friendly power

5.High efficient and reliable vibratory compacting system

6.Optional configuration

7.Convenient maintenance

Operating weight14000kg
Distributed mass of driving wheel7300kg
Distributed mass of vibrating drum6700kg
Static linear load315N/cm
Vibration frequency28/33Hz
Theoretical amplitude1.9/0.95mm
Cenerifugal force274/190kN
Speed rangeForwardSpeed 12.85km/h
Speed II5.08km/h
Speed III11.17km/h
ReverseSpeed 12.88km/h
Speed II5.02km/h
Compacting width2130mm
Theoretical gradeability30%
Minimum ground clearance6800mm

Rated speed1800r/min
Rated power103kW
External dimension(length,width*height)6010*2300*3200mm
Pressure of vibration system18MPa
Pressure of steering system16MPa