Victory In The First Battle! XCMG Wins An Order Of 200 New-generation Dump Trucks

- Mar 14, 2020-


Under the background of fighting against coronavirus, we should do well in work resumption and invigorate the economy to assist in fighting against the epidemic. At high times that off-road transportation equipment facing great changes, XCMG Heavy Truck XG90 new-generation wide-body dump trucks continuously won orders of batched products, realizing sales of 200 sets at one stroke and winning a good start!


Leading technology - product is the absolute principle 

In 2019, facing the complicated and changeable market situation, XCMG Heavy Truck adhered to the operation mode of "platform + specialization", continued to work on the engineering vehicle sector, speedily integrated the whole value chain of research, production, supply, marketing and service through the engineering vehicle company, focused on "two frontlines" of the market and production, overcome difficulties of products, production capacity, channels, etc., and forged XCMG new-generation wide-body dump trucks with the spirit of "Leading Technology, Everlasting Products", helping the young engineering vehicle company step on the fast lane of healthy development.


At present, XG90, a new generation of star product, has been widely recognized by global professional users. Customers of these 200 XG90 trucks are all re-purchase users. Originating from new-generation of HANWO P9, XG90, based on research and development of multiple years, has a carrying capacity of 60t, and uses torque converters matched with 430 hp three-stage engines specially used for XCMG equipment and flexible scheme of automatic transmission. With high modularization and a low maintenance cost, XG90 not only sets up a new industry benchmark in carrying capacity, chassis reliability and driving comfort, but also becomes a strong competitor of the best transportation scheme for global mines. 

Prepare for a rainy day! Take "early, qualified, in advance" as the main idea.

A good start helps win the whole journey. We swear to win good performance in the whole year. Facing the severe market situation, XCMG Heavy Truck, taking "early, qualified, in advance" as the main idea, has actively visited major customers, held customer experience meetings, participated in major exhibitions since the fourth quarter of 2019. The actions above effectively improved product market reputation and user confidence.



Stand together to forge a steel team

The good start at the beginning of 2020 cannot be separated from combination of high-quality products and efficient services, and the highly specialized and powerful team. Frontline marketing personnel pioneer the frontiers and guarantee teams provide full support. In mines with severe conditions, service engineers support the mineral engineering with no regrets; in the rear area, a group of "lean, dedicated, innovative, struggling" XCMG craftsmen escort for frontline warriors. The whole value chain of research, production, supply, marketing and service learned going forward under the sharp grinding of market competition, and formed a brave and capable steel division.



Taking customer satisfaction as our duty, we will try to become the first brand. XCMG Heavy Truck will continue to make deep plowing in the mine transportation field and create higher value for global customers continuously. With market performance breakthrough, excellent and advanced product performance, and considerate after-sales services, we will further consolidate XCMG's leading position in the construction vehicle industry!


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