Shantui Hydrostatic Bulldozer Makes First Sales To New Zealand

- Apr 02, 2020-

Shantui hydrostatic bulldozer DH13C was successfully sold to New Zealand recently, recording the first sales of Shantui full-hydraulic bulldozer in this market.

In response to the local laws and regulations and the special environmental requirements on the machine working conditions, Shantui, through the continuous communication with local dealer and customer and in combination with the customer’s need and field survey, proactively communicated with the R&D Institute and made customized design for this product to meet the customer’s needs. After the delivery of the product to the end customer, the customer highly appraised the strong power output, comfortable driving environment, and flexible maneuverability of the product. 

The successful sales of hydrostatic equipment this time laid a solid foundation for the entry of Shantui products into high-end markets, including New Zealand. At the beginning of spring, through continuous marketing activities, recently the local dealer successfully concluded multiple intention orders. It’s expected that the DH17 and DH24 hydrostatic products will be shipped in succession in the 2nd quarter. 

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