SANY Delivered 10 Units Of Mobile Port Equipments To UK Client

- Dec 30, 2019-

SANY has recently delivered a batch of mobile port equipment to the UK client Maritime Logistics Group. The equipments, 10 units in total, include the latest energy-conserving reach stacker SRSC45H9A, large heavy-duty reach stacker SRSC4540GC and other devices. After rounds of technical interactions, SANY finally won the order by special designed optional solutions and configurations for the client. As a single batch and large quantity project, this order set a significant cornerstone for SANY marine heavy industry brands to expand in UK market.

As one of the largest container transport companies in the UK, the Maritime Group is not only the largest supplier of road container transport in the country, but also operates more than 30 container terminals in railway transportation, container station operations and multimodal transport. Cooperation with SANY is also based on trust in its products and services.


As one of SANY Marine Heavy Industry’s key markets in the Europe, the UK market has always been invested massive resources by the company for marketing supports. Having the best partners in the region, SANY, which at the same time provide excellent service resources, is committed to building the UK as a model market in Europe.


                                                                                                                         Photo by Tom Atkin of Cooper Handling

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