Safety Precautions After Engine Start-up And During Operation

- Feb 25, 2019-

1 After the engine is started, wait until the brake air pressure reaches the safe air pressure to prepare for starting to ensure the safety of braking when driving. Press the emergency and parking brake valve button with emergency brake (only when the air pressure reaches the allowable starting air pressure, the button can be pressed, otherwise it will automatically jump when pressed), so that the emergency and parking brake can be released. Start the gear. If there is no emergency braking, just lower the parking brake handle and release the parking brake to start.

2 Remove the faulty objects on the road when the loader is on the road. Pay special attention to obstacles such as iron blocks and ditches to avoid cutting the tires.

3 Adjust the rearview mirror so that the driver can have the best view when he is seated.

4 Ensure that the loader's horn, back signal, and all safety devices work properly.

5 When you are about to start or when the steering is flexible and in place, you should first press the horn to warn the surrounding people to pay attention to safety.

6 Before starting to walk, all the joysticks, pedals, and steering wheel should be tested once to make sure they are in normal condition before they can start entering the work. Pay special attention to check whether the steering and braking are in good condition. Make sure that the steering and braking are completely normal before starting operation.

7 When traveling, place the bucket at a height of about 400 mm from the ground. When working on a mountain slope or crossing obstacles such as ditches, slow down and make small corners. Be careful to avoid tipping. When the loading surface starts to slide to the side on a steep slope, it must be unloaded immediately to prevent it from continuing to slide down.

8 Try to avoid too many tires and excessive slippage during work; try to avoid two-wheel suspension, and do not allow only two rounds to land and continue to work.

When the tractor is used as a tractor, it is only allowed to be attached to the towing device. It is not allowed to stand between the towed object and the loader, and a certain safety distance must be maintained to prevent a safety accident.