Loader Brake Failure

- Apr 15, 2019-

Barometer pressure rises slowly

The main reasons are: (a) the pipeline leaks; (b) the pump is not working properly; (c) the check valve is rusted and stuck; (d) the oil-water separator oil drain bolt is not closed or the pressure regulating valve leaks.

Troubleshooting method: Firstly, the pipeline leakage should be excluded, and then the working state of the air pump should be checked. Remove the air pump outlet pipe and press the air outlet with your thumb. If the exhaust pressure is low, the air pump is faulty. If the air pump is in good working condition, check the oil water separator oil drain plug or pressure regulating valve to avoid bypass and check for trouble. Finally, check the two check valves in the three-way joint. The check valve will cause the air reservoir to be inhaled or the air intake to be slow.

Insufficient braking force, weak

Main reasons: (a) brake oil leakage; (b) air in the brake oil circuit; (c) damage to the hub oil seal, oil on the caliper; (d) severe wear on the brake, burning surface friction; (e) The air pressure is adjusted too low.

The above faults can be eliminated by repairing, adjusting or replacing parts according to their respective causes.

Deviation after braking

The direct cause of the deviation is caused by the different braking torques of the wheels on both sides. Common causes of failure: (a) The brake caliper disc is seriously polluted, the friction system is seriously degraded, and the braking torque is unbalanced. The oil on the movable caliper; (b) the stuck piston of the pump does not work. Static car step on the brake, observe the working condition of the sub-pump, dismantle according to the situation.

Brake card issuing

Symptom: The loader is struggling to walk. After parking, touch the caliper with your hand and the caliper heats up. The main reasons are: (a) the wear of the friction lining is thin, the dust ring is damaged by the water, and the piston is rusted; (b) the return spring in the afterburning pump is weak or broken, and the high pressure oil cannot be flowed.

The phenomenon of failure

When the brake is applied, an oil mist is ejected. Causes: (a) The brake light switch is damaged, high pressure oil is sprayed from the switch interface, and the switch can be replaced. (b) The length of the piston rod of the afterburner is too large.