General Safety Precautions For Loader Use

- Feb 20, 2019-

1. Drivers and related personnel must carefully read the maintenance and repair instructions or operation and maintenance manuals provided by the manufacturer before using the loader, and do as required by the materials. Otherwise it will bring serious consequences and unnecessary losses.

2. Drivers should wear in accordance with safety requirements and wear the necessary protective equipment.

3. In the case of a small or hazardous area of the work area, a warning sign must be displayed within its range or at a dangerous point.

4. It is absolutely forbidden for the driver to drink or over-fatigue driving work.

5. When performing maintenance or inspection work in the central hinge area, install an "anti-rotation lever" to prevent the front and rear frames from rotating relative to each other.

6. After the loader has stopped, load the machine up and down where there are escalator handrails. Never jump up and down while the loader is working or walking.

7. When repairing the loader requires lifting the arm, the raised boom must be secured to ensure that the boom will never fall under any maintenance conditions.

LW180K (001)