Daily Maintenance Of The Loader

- Apr 20, 2019-

After the loader leaves the factory, it is generally stipulated that there is a running-in period of about 60 hours (some is called the running-in period), which is stipulated according to the technical characteristics of the initial use of the loader.

The running-in period is an important part of ensuring the normal operation of the loader, reducing the failure rate and prolonging its service life. Some users have neglected the special technical requirements of the new machine running-in period due to the lack of common sense of the loader or because of the tight schedule or the desire to get the benefits as soon as possible. Some users even think that anyway, the manufacturer has a repair period, the machine is broken and the manufacturer is responsible for maintenance, so the machine is overloaded for a long time during the running-in period, causing frequent early failure of the machine, which not only affects the normal use of the machine, It shortens the life of the machine and also affects the progress of the project because of machine damage. Therefore, the application and maintenance of the loader's running-in period should be given full attention.

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