Motor Grader XCMG Gr135 Spare Parts

Motor Grader XCMG Gr135 Spare Parts

GR135 lll uses DCEC 6BT5.9-C130 turbocharged diesel engine and GR135C uses imported Cummins JXZGR135-QSB4.5, featuring large output torque and power eserve factor and low fuel consumption.

Product Details

Power system

GR135 lll uses DCEC 6BT5.9-C130 turbocharged diesel engine and GR135C uses imported Cummins JXZGR135-QSB4.5, featuring large output torque and power eserve factor and low fuel consumption.

Transmission System

Transmission system consists of hydraulic torque converter, power shift transmission, drive shaft, rear axle and rear wheel. Transmission and torque converter use YD13 electric control power shift transmission with fixed shaft manufactured by Hangzhou Advance Gearbox Groupco., Ltd. The torque converter featuring large torque ratio, high efficiency and wide efficient zone coo rdinates with the engine to forge good integrated operation. The transmission has six forward gears and three reverse gears and is applied with neutral start protection function. Gear shift under electric and hydraulic control is flexible in operation and reasonable in speed distribution, free from impact in shifting and suitable for requirements of various working conditions.

The drive axle applies meritor rear axle and the rear axle applies balance suspension mode to ensure load is evenly distributed to four wheels in order to facilitate full display of the adhesion capacity. Main transmission of rear axle is installed with "NO-SPIN" self locking differential when not spinning. When wheels at a side slip, those at the other side can still transfer their Original torque. In this way, the machine has enough tractive force under whatever road conditions.

Brake system

Brake system comprises service brake system(named hand brake) Service brake system is a double-loop hydraulic brake system, it is acted on four middle rear wheels of grader with safe and reliable brake. Parking brake system is composed of operator and brake.

Front axle

Front axle is a steering axle. The axle can swing to left and right. Except front wheel steering, articulated frame is adopted, which can future reduce turning radius.

Working Device

The Working device consists of traction frame, turning circle,shovel blade angular device,etc.In front of traction frame, there is a spherical hinge that is hinged to the front end of the frame so that the traction frame may turn and swing in any direction around the spherical hinge. The turning circle bearing installed on the traction frame is able t turn ar und the traction frame under the driving force of turning drive device that further drivers the scraper to turn. There are upper and lower two slide rails at the back of the shovel blade supported in chutes of the angular devices at b th sides that slide laterally under the push of translational oil cylinder of the shovel blade. The shovel blade may change shoveling angle to the extent of front 40°and rear 5°.

Hydraulic system

The hydraulic system of the grader mainly includes three parts

Working hydraulic system

Steering hydraulic system

Front wheel steering of the machine applies load-sensitive full-hydraulic steering device that consists of gear pump, pilot valve and load-sensitive full-hydraulic steering gear to control steering of front wheels.

Service brake system

Service brake system is a double-Ioop hydraulic system. It is applied on four rear wheels of the grader. The system comprises gear pump, pilot valve, oil charge valve, accumulator and brake cylinder. The system is used for controlling service brake.


Bonnet adopts structure members,with beautiful and strealine appearance.It can be opened on two sides, and can be integrally turned over,so as to improve maintainability.

Interior Trim Parts and Electrical installation of cab

Seal cab is adopted in which air conditioning system is configured. Its interior trim parts are Sleeker compression molding parts,which fully embody the demand of man-machine engineering. The electrical system of the grader compris­es dashboard,operation box,wiring harness, testing sensor, all kinds of lamps and driving indicator lamp. The system can be used to control operation of engine and driving of grader, and can be used to control all kinds of lamps, driving indicator lamps, wiper and horn. The system can be also used to monitor engine, torque converter, hydraulic system, brake system, accumulator charging and discharging and all kinds of filter elements, can enable driver to master operating condition of the grader at any time, and can alarm to remind driver when abnormities occur.

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Company History

In January, 2015, Kaiwei was founded in jining city

In November 2015, Kaiwei became the authorized dealer of XCMG, starting exporting construction machinery and spare parts to Philippine

In 2016, Kaiwei became the authorized dealer of SANY

In 2017, exported machines exceed 100 units, total sales revenue exceeds 2 millions dollars

In 2018, Kaiwei became the authorized dealer of SANY TRUCKS, establishing the largest SANY TRUCKS regional parts center in China.

In 2019, Kaiwei become the one of the largest construction machinery  exporter in China

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