Tips about how to select SANY hydraulic excavators

- Apr 18, 2020-

As one of the most important engineering machines, excavators can bring much wealth to their owners. Based on different project scale and engineering equipment requirement, choosing the most suitable machines will make you get twofold results just by doing half work.

Project Scale

If the engineering project is a big one, and the working condition is very poor, we recommend choosing a crawler hydraulic excavator. And if you work on rugged ground with many hollows or big ores, you need to choose narrow track heavy duty hydraulic excavators. On the contrary, if the ground bearing capacity is relative weak and the soil is soft and loose, broadband stretched excavators will be better. For some general small and medium-sized projects, such as road maintenance, irrigation and water conservancy, normal excavators can meet the need. For example, the 20-25T excavators are a good choice. If the engineering quantity is small, and working condition is relatively good, we recommend hydraulic wheel excavator. As for clearing and dredging riverbed or waterway, you can select excavators with a backacting shovel and a long boom.

Engineering Support Equipment

When buying a excavator, we should consider that if it matches the equipment we have already owned. For instance, though a small excavator is relatively cheap, it does not match big dump truck and vice versa. In addition, users also should consider their own financial condition. According to the financial condition, they can choose a suitable way of payment- installment payment, bank mortgage or others. If you are financially sound, you can choose to buy a famous brand equipment to optimize the equipment structure. With famous brands and the best after-services, you will have more competitiveness to contract a project.