SANY SY20C excavator, 2 Ton digger Small Body with Big Power

- Apr 02, 2020-


Feature by high efficiency and low fuel consumption, Sany 2 ton excavator is widely used in minor engineering constructions like gardens, farmland and urban construction to make digging, trenching, leveling, lifting, crushing and dozing. Being compact, this mini excavator is flexible enough to be used in narrow space where other diggers can’t reach.

This mini excavator adopts EPA Tier 4F engine, which is powerful and environmental-friendly. The hydraulic adjusting technology and mature loading sensitive system greatly improve working efficiency with low fuel consumption. The anti-vibration system and noise reduction technology guarantee safe and comfortable operation. Equipped with reliable components and super design, the 2 ton excavator is strong and powerful enough to deliver the maximum performance in the toughest working conditions.
In order to better operate the mini excavator, some operating techniques should be learned to improve working efficiency and create the maximum productivity.
1. When the excavator is walking, the capstan should be set in the back, the jib should be parallel with the crawler belt, the distance between the bucket and ground should be about one meter
2. The machine should not be too close to the electric wire and the distance between the two should be kept as specified. 
3. The excavator bucket should not rise or fall heavily, which may collide with the truck and crawler belt and cause damage to the machine.
4. The bucket must fall to the ground when the driver is leaving, no matter the leaving time is long or short.