Road roller development profile

- Mar 08, 2019-

Construction machinery such as road rollers are capital-intensive, technology-intensive and highly related to related industries. They involve a wide range of technologies and services. The technical content of the main engine products is improved. It requires close cooperation with many supporting manufacturers, about 60%- 70% of the kits need to be provided by professional factories. The main production of the roller is based on the overall product design, structural parts manufacturing, product matching parts purchase and assembly.

After more than 40 years of continuous development, the Chinese road roller industry has made great progress. Especially after entering the 1990s, the production and sales volume of road rollers has grown rapidly. The number of enterprises that have joined the road roller production has increased, making the roller machine manufacturing enterprises more than 80, capable of producing 5-30t vibratory roller, 4-24t static roller and 16-30t tire. A series of complete and complete series of products, such as road rollers, basically form a complete road roller manufacturing system capable of independent development and production. The gap between the technical level and the international advanced level is gradually narrowing. This high-speed growth situation is bound to push the road roller accessory industry to a new development period