Operating procedure of road roller

- Mar 20, 2019-

1. When working, the road roller should start before it starts to vibrate. The internal combustion engine should first reach the medium speed and then modulate the high speed.

2. When shifting and reversing, stop first, and reduce the engine speed when shifting.

3. It is forbidden to vibrate the road roller on a solid ground.

4. When crushing the soft roadbed, it should be crushed 1~2 times without vibration, and then vibrated and crushed.

5. When rolling, the vibration frequency should be consistent. For the vibratory roller that can adjust your vibration, you should adjust the vibration frequency before working. Do not adjust the vibration frequency without shaking.

6. Adjustment of the reverse clutch, the starting clutch and the brake should be performed after the main clutch is disengaged.

7. When using up and downhill, you cannot use the fast file. In the case of sharp turns, it is strictly forbidden to use the quick gear when the articulated vibratory roller is rolled in a small turning circle.

8. The roller must not engage the vibration when driving at high speed.

9. Stop the vibration first, then put the reversing mechanism in the middle position, the transmission is placed in the neutral position, and finally the hand brake lever is pulled up. The internal combustion engine is turned off after several minutes of idling