King of mining equipment - SY500H hydraulic excavator

- Apr 28, 2020-

The 52,500kg Sany SY500H is a new generation 50T super large mining excavator tailor-made to suit the heavy load operation in mine areas, featuring superior performance, high adaptability, extended durability, and low maintenance costs.In accordance with China Stage III (equals to EUIII) emission standard, SY500H hydraulic excavator is powered by Isuzu 6WG1XKSC-01 engine with 300KW@1800rpm rated power and maximum torque of 1950Nm@1400rpm.It is more applicable to heavy load operating condition. 

With high corrosion coating technology, the excavator’s paint service life is increased by 50%. To solve the problems caused by the domestic oil quality, Sany self-develops a high-capacity multi-stage filtration system to purify the oil to maximum extent. In addition, SY500H excavator cab is optimized with reinforced frame structure and tested by FOPS and ROPS system, therefore providing better protection and comfort to the operator while working at mining jobsite. The standard configuration of SY500H hydraulic excavator is 7-meter boom, 3-meter arm and 2.2 m³ bucket, meanwhile, there are also the compact version with 6.55-meter boom and the extended version with 10.5-meter boom for different jobsites operations. And the excavator bucket capacity covers a wide range from 1.0 to 3.1 m³, and the bucket can be replaced with over 20 multi-use working tools, for instance, rock bucket, breaker, ripper.


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