Do you really know how to choose an SANY excavator

- Apr 20, 2020-

The general performance, the reliability and the durability are very important points to consider while purchasing an excavator. The excavator attachments, such as the engine, the hydraulic pumps, the control valves and the hydraulic motors are of vital importance to the performance and reliability of the machine. These essential excavator attachments directly affect the life durability of the machine.
The engine, as the power source of the excavator, features high power, large torque, and environment friendly. It’s necessary to choose the brand that was specially designed and manufactured by the world's leading engine manufacturers.
The hydraulic pumps, control valves, hydraulic motors and other hydraulic excavator attachments should also try to choose those manufactured by the reliable manufacturers who possess a high reputation in the business. What’s more, among the excavator attachments, the comfortable operating environment is also the key factor taken into consideration for sake of the efficiency of the work. A pressure sealed cab, a shock absorber with high performance, a low-noise environment, an automatic air conditioner, a falling object protection structure are all very vital excavator attachments in choosing the excavators.
To conclude, with a comprehensive analysis of the above aspects and give more considerations on the excavator attachments, you may become less at a loss and more rational in the purchase of the excavators and hence selecting the best suitable one from a wide variety, to make the most sense for you and your business.