Excavator attachment—quartering hammer designed for your specific need

- Apr 23, 2020-

SANY digger attachment is used in various kinds of jobsites such as mining, landscaping, forestry, construction, quarry and waste & recycling.  SANY’s digger attachment--quartering hammer, is co-developed by SANY and another company. The digger attachment is specifically designed for SANY, which perfectly matches SANY’s digger, largely reduces its damage for the machine and improves working efficiency. The digger attachment boasts high reliability and precision. The enclosure of the quartering hammer is made from Q345B. 
The strengthened enclosure is customized for mining that can adapt to the severe working condition. The bolt on the shell is made from high strength alloy steel. The ten bolts design ensures the close combination of the main engine and enclosure and improves the reliability. The drill rod is made from abrasive resistance alloy steel. Through precision machining and heat processing, the service life of the digger attachment has been extended. Inside the quarter hammer, the through bolt of the digger attachment adopts the high strength alloy steel, which can resist the vibration. The rear cylinder is filled with nitrogen to stock power, which greatly improves crush efficiency and at the same time reduce its impact on the machine and operator. 
The control valve can properly adjust pressure and realize precise control to guarantee the digger attachment work at the best condition. The cylinder is precisely coordinated with the piston, so as to extend the life span of the quartering hammer and complete high pressure cycle operation with minimum oil hydraulic system. This digger attachment is recognized by customers around the world. Once, the quartering hammer was used in Qatar. Its stable performance is able to prevail over Qatar’s stony, hot and dry operating conditions, which won the praise from the customer.


                                                                                            ---Via https://www.sanyexcavator.com/excavators-technology/97.html