Effect of low temperature on road roller

- Mar 30, 2019-

The low temperature makes the engine start difficult, and the main reason is the increase in viscosity of the lubricating oil, the decrease in the working capacity of the battery, and the poor atomization of the fuel.

The viscosity of the oil increases as the temperature decreases, and the flow performance deteriorates, thereby deteriorating the engine lubrication condition and increasing the rotational resistance of the crankshaft.

When the battery is at a low temperature, the viscosity of the electrolyte also increases, the permeability decreases, and the increase in internal resistance causes the battery capacity and terminal voltage to drop significantly, or even discharge. The voltage drop makes the starter not get the required output power, and it is difficult to meet the requirements of the starting speed.

Due to the low temperature, the engine crankshaft speed is not high, the intake pipe temperature and the gas flow rate are low, and the atomization quality of the fuel is poor, which further increases the difficulty of starting the engine.

Under low temperature conditions, various oils have high viscosity and poor fluidity, which brings difficulties to the operation of the roller and exacerbates the wear of the machine.

The viscosity of the lubricating oil is large, the power loss of the stirring oil during the operation of the mechanism is increased, the engine power is lowered, and the efficiency of the transmission system is lowered, thereby reducing the driving ability of the roller traveling and the excitation mechanism.

The poor fluidity of the lubricating oil adds difficulty to the lubrication of certain components and reduces the lubrication effect, thereby exacerbating the wear of the engine and transmission components.

The viscosity of the working oil is large, the resistance of the pipeline is increased, the hydraulic steering is difficult to operate, the performance of the hydraulically driven brake is deteriorated, the difficulty is increased for driving, and the safety driving has an adverse effect