The comparison between crawler digger and wheeled digger

- Apr 24, 2020-

Digger can be divided into many types, such as crawler digger, wheeled digger and towed and rail digger, etc. But they all consist of a boom, dipper, bucket and cab. The crawler digger is a tracked vehicle that moves upon crawler tracks. On contrast, wheeled digger is moved upon wheels. They both can be used in many working conditions, such as digging of the trenches, holes; material handling, forestry work, demolition.

The advantage of a crawler digger is that it can dig or excavate without much set-up. It can realize 360°free rotation. The crawler crane’s dynamic property and trafficability is better than wheeled crane. It is capable of working in mining project or muddy area with stronger gradeability. Wheeled digger features high flexibility, which can travel rapidly among different jobsites with the speed up to 40-50KM/H. It is suitable for firm ground operation without harm to the road surface. On the other hand, the tyre’s low heat resistance and high flexibility undercut its stability and safety.

Therefore, nowadays more and more people prefer crawler digger. Even though crawler digger is not good at mobility, the specific transport cart will provide the transport service. Besides, the crawler digger’s comprehensive performance is better than the wheeled crane, which can be used in various jobsites.