How to choose a 3-ton SANY SY35U hydraulic excavator

- Apr 11, 2020-

The 3 ton excavator is a popular choice used in various working conditions covering a diverse range of industries. In order to get a suitable mini excavator, a lot of things need to be aware of before the purchase.

Firstly, the good after-sale service for the 3 ton excavator is essential. The service level agreement should be contracted with the dealer or a third-party, in which document both urgent repairs and routine maintenance terms need to be stipulated. And make sure that parts and attachments used for routine services and repairs are listed in detail. It must be clear whether there are fees and additional costs not covered under the service plan. The frequency of each type of maintenance on the 3 ton excavator, including standard maintenance, extended maintenance, and comprehensive maintenance must be marked in the document.
Secondly, ensure that all specifications of the 3 ton excavator confirm to your country’s related norms. For example, if you intend to buy a excavator to use in the United States, the machine should comply with all the Environmental Protection Agency regulations in US as well as local norms.
Thirdly, make sure that all the 3 ton excavator’s joints around the boom, stick and bucket are solid and free of any give or movement. All attachments, which often represent the major source of the excavator’s productivity, should be durable. In addition, a powerful engine and an excellent hydraulic system are essential for the 3 ton excavator, so make sure that they are of famous brand or with good quality.
Finally, it’s better to choose a reliable manufacture of 3 ton excavator. Different business units of SANY around the world are equipped with parts warehouses and staff of service technicians, to provide in-house engineering, parts services, technical supports and other service operations, which can make you be free of care.