XCMG XE150WB 15 Ton Wheel Type Excavator

XCMG XE150WB 15 Ton Wheel Type Excavator

Unique hydraulic system can adjust the oil capacity and enhance the digging force according to the demands of the operation, which thus makes the operation done smoothly and efficiently.

Product Details

Product Details

Hydraulic system

Unique hydraulic system can adjust the oil capacity and enhance the digging force according to the demands of the operation, which thus makes the operation done smoothly and efficiently. Hydraulic pump, main valve, swing motor, traveling motor, pilot operating valve, two-arm control valve and other hydraulic elements are all adopted with international famous brands to guarantee the good quality of the product.

Hydraulic components

Hydraulic components are equipped with explosion-proof valve, balance valve and hydraulic lock, which can greatly improve the safety of the system. adopted with modular design is simple enough to guarantee the safety and reliability of braking and quick response.

Powerful and accurate rotary control

Improve the characteristic of vibration absorption to make sure that the rotary stop motion is more accurate and stable; provide more powerful rotary ability to the machine by way of improving the torque reserve.

Buffer function

A buffer is designed between the boom cylinder and the arm cylinder, which can reduce the vibration and shock of the machine.


Capacious driving space designed with ergonomics concept, Fully new designed interior style enlarges the indoor place; by use of low noise engine and fan, the indoor noise is effectively reduced and the overall comfort is improved.


Adopt air-conditioner with large capacity and warm air blower to provide a comfortable operating environment for the operator and the panel layout with ergonomics concept makes the operation more convenient.

Steering wheel

The Tilt steering wheel can tilt for 29° front and back and fiex for 60mm up and down, which can meet the needs of different customers.

Ergonomics pedal arrangement

The brake pedal and accelerator pedal are arranged with the ergonomics concept to ensure the maximum operation efficiency while using the minimum control power, which can effectively improve the comfort during the operation. Enlarged pedal clearance can effectively avoid the misoperation and thus improve the safety of operation.

Electric system

Multi-functional LCD monitor with large screen and digital display can comprehensively monitor the engine’s working states (rotary speed, water temperature and oil level) and make the information for all kinds of the operations checked at any time.Adopt the GPS satellite positioning system to realize the functions of remote diagnosis, fault early warning, repair and maintenance and automatic prompt.

Multifunctional switch panel

Emergency light, operation mode switch, indicator light, suspension oil cylinder mode switch are arranged orderly to improve the visibility and convenience of the operation.

High-reliable design for Box Bridge

The gearbox set in the middle place, which can improve the stability of the whole machine and convenience for the maintenance of the box bridge. By use of the new durable and high-efficient box bridge, the machine possesses the super traveling ability. Electromagnetism valve control is adopted while shifting the gears, which makes the response quick and gear-shifting smooth. The integrated braking system can guarantee the safety and minimize the vibration of the whole machine at the same time, thus effectively improve the braking stability.


Adjusting oil cylinder is added between two booms to adjust the angle between the two booms, enlarge the operating range of the working device and meet the needs of the city and narrow environment.

Bucket arm

The key hinge positions adopt the forging structures to relieve the stress and improve the durability by way of changing the shape and the thickness of the plate.

Wear resistance bucket tooth

Bucket cutting plate adopts special wear-resistant steel plate, which is suitable for heavy duty operation; also it is equipped with wear resistance bucket tooth and lateral tooth to prolong the service life of the product.

Centralized lubrication system

All the lubricating points set in the places where the maintenance can be carried out easily, which can improve the convenience for the maintenance.

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We have professional technician to support trouble clearing and maintenance.

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Operation weightkg15318
Bucket capacitym30.58

Rated powerkw/r/min104/2000
Main performance

Traveling speedkm/h30/11
Rotary speedr/min13.7
Bucket digging forcekn90
Arm digging forcekn65
Hydraulic system

Main pump/Two plunger pumps
Rated flowr/min2x160
Main safty valve pressureMpa31.4/34.3
Oil capacity

hydraulic tank capacityL220
Fuel tank capacityL250
Apperance size

Total lengthmm6482
Total widthmm2552
Total heightmm3158
Ground clearance of counterweightmm1230
Min.ground clearancemm359
Min.rear-end swing radiusmm2300
Track gaugemm2800
Track wheel basemm1920
Total width of chassismm2495
Axle Base from Front Bridge to Swing Centermm1700
K Engine Hood Heightmm2430
L Max. dozer cutting depthmm112
Dozer blade (width/height)mm2495x564
Working scope

Max. digging radiusmm8296
Max. Digging Reach on Groundmm8085
Max. digging heighmm9150
Max. dumping heightmm6684
Max. digging heightmm5040
Max. digging depth at the range of level 8 feetsmm4825
Max. dozer lifting heightmm515