XCMG 21 Ton Wheel Type Excavator XE210WA

XCMG 21 Ton Wheel Type Excavator XE210WA

Imported Cummings engine QSB6.7 with the feature of low noise can meet the operating requirements of high efficiency and environmental friendly

Product Details

Product Details


Imported Cummings engine QSB6.7 with the feature of low noise can meet the operating requirements of high efficiency and environmental friendly; Besides, il adopts the advanced turbo charging technique to enhance the machine's plateau adaptation.

Computer control systam

The new ESS microcomputer power control system developed with an international famous company take full advantage of the engine power, which can make the machine keep the best efficiency and economy in different working conditions.

Hydralic system

Unique hydraulic system can adjust the oil capacity and enhance the digging force according to the demands of the operation, which thus makes the operation smoothly and efficiently. Key hydraulic elements are all adopted with international famous brands to guarantee the good quality of the product. Hydraulic components are equipped with explosion-proof valve, balance valve and hydraulic lock, which can greatly improve the safety of the system.


that fully new cab with large space and broad vision view, by use of low noise engine and fan, the indoor noise is effectively reduced and the overall comfort is improved.

Steering wheel

The Tilt steering wheel can tilt for 29 ° front and back and flex for 60mm up and down, which can meet the needs of different customers. The brake pedal and accelerator pedal are arranged with the ergonomics concept to make the operation more comfortable and thus improve the safety of operation.


Multi-functional LCD monitor with large screen and digital display can comprehensively monitor the engine' s working states (rotary speed, water temperature and oil level) and make the information for all kinds of the operations checked al any time. The functional switches are assembled on the control panel, and can be selected easily through the contact buttons.

Bucket cutting Plate

Adopt air-conditioner with large capacity and warm air blower to provide a comfortable operating environment for the operator.

Box Bridge

By use of the new international famous box bridge, the machine possesses the super traveling ability. Electromagnetism valve control is adopted while shifting the gears, which makes the response quick and gear-shifting smooth.

Two boom tachnology

Adjusting oil cylinder is added between two booms to adjust the angle between the two booms, enlarge the operating range of the working device and meet the needs of the city and narrow environment.

Structural parts

A finite element analysis (FEA) has been made on the Structural parts and the intensified design done for the key parts according to the working situation to ensure the durability during the diversified and heavy duty operation.


The key hinge positions adopt the forging structures to relieve the stress and improve the durability by way of changing the shape and the thickness of the plate. The connection part between the boom and arm hinge pin is adopted with the high wear-resisting and high strength, bushing to enhance the durability.

Maintenance and repair points within reach oil-water separator, fuel filter and oil filter set in the places where can be accessed without touch. Air filter is placed in the rear part of the cab, which is convenient for the cleaning and replacement of the filter element. The protective screening set outside the radiator can prevent drawing sundries, and is easy to dismantle and clean.

Positioning system

Adopt GPS, which can automatically prompt the long-distance diagnosis, early warning for troubles, and maintenance.

Our service

Quality insurance

1. All machines will be inspected and tested before loading

2. Machines will be adjusted to best condition by our engineer

3. All of our products are re-tested & Re-checked before leaving our yard

4. 10 years exporting experience, excellent in products quality.

5. The faithful management is the first thing, and the profit is the second thing.

6.We also provide rational packing and shipping program,try our best to offer a cheaper safer shipment.

Before sale services

1. Hotel reservation,Airport pick up,Free repaint and maintenace for machine

2. Free repaint and maintenace for machine,Tour and shopping guidence.

After sale service

1. A 3-year warranty for Engine & Pump under correct use.

2. Spare parts supply.

3. Lifetime consultation on problem occured


Operation weightkg21140
Bucket capacitym30.86

Rated powerkw/r/min129/2200
Max. torqueN.m799
Fuel tankL305
Main performance

Rated flowL/min220
Working pressureMpa32
Hydraulic tankL202
Rotating speedr/min13
Bucket digging forcekN115
Arm crowd forcekN91
Min. swing radiusmm6500
Travel speedkm/h9.5/31
Grade ability°35
Hydraulic system

pump/pilot pump

Overall lengthmm9135
Overall widthmm2552
Overall heightmm3370
Ground clearance of counterweightmm1250
Min. ground clearancemm340
Tail swing radiusmm2820
Wheel base of crawlermm2850
Tumbler distancemm1890
width of chassismm2495
Distance between the front axle and the canter of rotationmm1550
Height of engine hoodmm2542
Max. dozer lifting heightmm145
Max. dozer cutting depthmm479
Dozer (width/height)mm2467/566
Working scope

Max. digging radiusmm9613
Max. ground digging distancemm9380
Max. digging heightmm10528
Max. dumping heightmm7530
Max. digging depthmm5755
Digging depth at the range of level 8 featsmm5588
Standard configuration

Length of bucket armmm2910
Bucket capacitym30.86