XCMG 260 Ton Crawler Crane XGC260

XCMG 260 Ton Crawler Crane XGC260

Maximum rated lifting capacity of XGC260E crawler crane is 260t and maximum lifting torque is 145t×10m=1450t·m.

Product Details

Product Details

1. Excellent Lifting Capacity

Maximum rated lifting capacity of XGC260E crawler crane is 260t and maximum lifting torque is 145t×10m=1450t·m. It is equipped with six working conditions including main boom, single pulley on main boom end, light-duty main boom, tower-type auxiliary boom, stationary auxiliary boom and shield tunneling machine realizing combined hoisting with main hook and auxiliary hook. Maximum lifting capacity of light-duty main boom is 85t, maximum lifting capacity of tower-type auxiliary boom is 95t, maximum lifting capacity of stationary auxiliary boom is 105t, and maximum lifting capacity of working conditions with single pulley on boom end is 28t (double). Its powerful lifting capacity is especially reflected in middle/long boom. This crane is definitely excellent in quality and reasonable in price for clients.

2. Ultra-long Boom Configuration

Maximum length of main boom of XGC260E crawler crane is 93m, maximum length of light-duty main boom is 100.5m, maximum length of tower-type auxiliary boom is 66m, maximum length of stationary auxiliary boom is 36m and maximum length of configuration with single pulley on boom end is 1.8m. Ultra-long boom enables higher hoisting and wider range. Independent staged counterweight load list ensures every part of the crane to be used reasonably.

3. First Design Concept of Barrier Free Transportation in the World

XGC260E crawler crane fully complies with requirements of road regulations currently in effect in the world and is subject to design concept of modular transportation. Maximum transportation weight of single piece is 43t (which would be smaller than 36t if dismantled), maximum transportation width of single piece is only 3.0m and maximum transportation height of single piece is 3.2m. It realizes modular transportation of three-piece combination of front/rear supports of boom and bottom section, combination of main boom and stationary auxiliary boom middle section as well as basic boom of stationary auxiliary boom (including support) etc. It is developed in accordance with thought of passing through narrowest toll road in the world so that it not only solves all and any troubles during road transportation in future but also minimizes transportation costs of clients.

4. Combination of Use Functions of Components

XGC260E crawler crane is integrated and optimized on aspects of component functions when designing for the purpose of lowering purchase cost of clients on the basis of investigating use frequency of components by clients. For example, auxiliary hoisting hoist is used as auxiliary boom luffing hoist under tower-type auxiliary boom working conditions; connection section of main boom is subject to general design for main boom working condition, tower-type working condition and stationary auxiliary boom working conditions; section-variable section of main boom is general for main boom working condition and light-duty main boom working condition; top section and middle section of main boom may be used as light-duty main boom sections; main boom pulling plate, tower boom pulling plate and stationary auxiliary boom pulling plate are subject to general design.

5. Efficient and Fast Dismantling/Installation Technology

XGC260E crawler crane has fully self dismantling and installation function. Mast realizes convenient and quick hoisting operations; mast hoist realizes self dismantling & installation (optional) of undercarriage crawler beam, self dismantling & installation (optional) of vehicle body counterweight, self dismantling & installation (optional) of slewing table counterweight and self dismantling & installation (optional) of booms; auxiliary hoist with brake and quick-change rope pulling connector ensures winding of rope to be easy and convenient; always improving pulling plate length configuration and “peach”-type hole connecting pulling plate enable substantial improvement of dismantling/installation efficiency and humanization degree of the machine.

6. Design Standard and Code in Effect in Developed Countries

For the purpose of satisfying international demands, XGC260E crawler crane complies with GB/T3811 and GB/T14560 standards and meanwhile refers to equivalent codes of advanced countries like ASME B30.5, EN13000 and ISO 4301-4309 so that design of this product is in accordance with international requirements of CE, North America, Australia and Russia etc.; meanwhile, engine meeting stage-III emission standard for off-road purpose is used to meet environmental and low-noise requirement.

7. Profound Experience Accumulation and Ideological Distillation

XGC260E crawler crane is a product of years' of design and manufacture experiences of XCMG and reflects accumulation from practices. Large-chassis frame crawler beam, large box-frame slewing table, dual broken line coiling block and component modulation technologies ensure firmness and stability of main machine; organic combination of large-section, large-pipe-diameter, thin-wall wall-thickness-variable and pipe-diameter-variable high strength boom, with single/dual auxiliary bracing, as well as "S" rope threading technology improve capacity of operating device of this machine significantly; options of quality steel wire rope, high-capacity diesel oil tank, mineral filling type welded counterweight, self-lubricating maintenance-free support wheel, MC wear-resisting nylon pulley, glass fiber reinforced plastics boom walking platform, aluminum radiator, lightning protection, fuel heater and cold-start device originate from our concept of seeking increasing perfection for products.

8. Advanced Design Method

XGC260E crawler crane is subject to virtual assembling design of all-three-dimension PRO/E components. Through ANSYS structure nonlinear analysis and MATLAB auxiliary programming calculation, each load value is subject to accurate calculation with allowable stress method and nonlinear theoretical analysis of extreme state; ADAMS dynamic simulation and motion locus simulation make motion of each working condition to be controlled accurately; JackTM human body modeling and motion analysis establish sound foundation for providing comfortable working environment for operators; virtual simulation of ACE-AMESIM hydraulic system ensures this product has system optimization matching actual working condition at initial stage and ensure fluctuation stability and inching accuracy of operation & control curve.

9. Hydraulic System with Multiple Safety Protection

XGC260E crawler crane utilizes options of key hydraulic components from international or domestic famous brands as well as load-sensing LUDV hydraulic proportional pilot control system and load feedback control technology, realizing flow distribution irrelevant to load. Large-displacement pump and motor reducer ensures safety allowance of various mechanisms.

10. Electrical Control with Accurate Inching

XGC260E crawler crane is based on CODESYS and 1131 software programming platform of iflex5 controller from Hirschmann. Engine, PLC controller and digital display are connected organically with CAN_bus bus technology, which may ensure safe and reliable operation and construction, as well as intelligent trouble diagnosis, detection and accurate control. Through personalized selection and purchase of system components, this machine is capable of operating stably in cold, high-temperature, sandy wind and high altitude severe environment.

11. Wide Application & First Choice

XGC260E crawler crane fall within domain of medium/large-tonnage crawler cranes and may be used widely in the following fields:

(1) Traffic infrastructure construction: subway, high-speed rail, road, bridge;

(2) Urban architecture construction: municipal works, stadium, building, plant;

(3) Energy equipment installation: petro-chemical, oil refining, metallurgy, coal;

(4) Large part hoisting & transfer: port, wharf, shipyard, steel mill;

(5) Electric power construction industry: wind power, nuclear power, thermal power, hydroelectric power;

12. Customized

XGC260E crawler crane may satisfy hoisting requirements of petro-chemical equipment and wind power equipment, and is capable of hoisting small diameter large weight for small-sized tower, tank, kettle and some 1.5MW wind power equipment. Length of main boom is H87, hoisting height may reach 81m, working radius is 11m, lifting capacity is 65.3t; length of stationary auxiliary boom is H78+F9, equipment positioning height may reach 81m, working radius is 13m and lifting capacity can reach 63.8t.

It is unnecessary to purchase dedicated boom separately for XGC260E crawler crane. The machine individually can complete all hoisting operations of shield tunneling equipment with diameter of 6m-8m. It saves costs for clients and satisfies hoisting demands of shield tunneling machine for subway. Length of shield tunneling machine working condition is HB24+F9, maximum lifting capacity of auxiliary hook reaches 105t, and it may realize hoisting & overturn action with150.2t weight on main hook and total load of auxiliary hook.

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