SHANTUI SD22 Bulldozer

SHANTUI SD22 Bulldozer

SHANTUI SD22 bulldozer is the best seller of all Shantui bulldozers

Product Details


The SD22 is a large horsepower, advanced technology bulldozer with a Cummins 855C engine delivering high torque yet low fuel consumption. An exhaust turbocharger ensures uninterrupted performance at altitudes up to 3200m. Hydraulic drive and control technology deliver reliable performance and easy control.

PERFORMANCE   PARAMETERSOperatiing     Weight (kg)23450
Rated horsepower (kw/hp)175/1800
Minimum turning radius (mm)3300
Ground pressure (kpa)66
ENGINEModelChongqing     cummins NT855-C280S10
EmissionChina     I
TypeIn-line,direct     injection,water cooled,4-cycles,turbocharged
No.of cylinders×Bore×stroke (mm×mm)6×140×152
Piston displacement (L)14
Horsepower/rpm (kw/rpm)175/1800
Maximum torque (N.m/r/min)1030/1250
TRAVELING PERFORMANCEForward/Reverse(km/h)F1:0-3.6     F2:0-6.5 F3:0-11.2 R1:0-4.3  R2:0-7.7   R3:0-13.2
TRANSMISSIONTorque     convertor 3-element,   single stage, 1-phase
Gear boxPlanetary     gear and powershift transmission, hydraulically actuated, forced   lubrication
Main driveSpiral     bevel gear, single-stage speed reduction, splash lubrication
Steering clutchWet     multiple disc,coned disc spring loaded, hydraulically actuated, hand     operated,interconnected with steering brake
Brake Wet,   contracting band,foot operated with   hydraulic booster
Final driver spur   gear,double reduction ,splash   lubrication
UNDERCARRIAGESuspensionSwing     type of sprayed beam,suspended structure of equalizer bar
Track gauge (mm)2000
Shoe width (mm)560
Track length on ground (mm)2730
Number of shoes (each side)38
Pitch (mm)216
Carrier rollers (each side)2
Track rollers (each side)6
Working pumpGear     pump
ValveMulti-way     valve
Bore of blade lift cylinder (mm)φ120 
Bore of blade tilt cylinder (mm)φ200 
TANK CAPACITYFuel     tank capacity (L)450
Working hydraulic tank capacity (L)110
WORKING EQUIPMENTBlade     width (mm)3725
Blade height (mm)1315
Blade capacity (m³)6.4
Max.Drop below ground of blade1210
Lift height of blade540
Type of ripperSingle     shank/3 shanks
Maximum digging depth of ripper (mm)Single     695 Three 666
Maximum lifting height of ripper (mm)Single     515 Three 555